Monday, July 18, 2011

UWG's IMPACT Camp Makes Science Fun

With limited equipment and required curriculum, the typical school cannot offer all the scientific fun the University of West Georgia’s IMPACT provides.

For the third summer, the week-long summer camp encourages students to continue learning will having hands on science fun. Children between first and eighth grade can participate in different camps. The older student camps allow them to dissect small animals, explore geology, build a robot and learn about some of the science behind the Harry Potter magic.

The youngest kids can learn about fossils, animal care and space.

The third- to fifth-graders can build Lego robots, engineer structures or participate in a crime lab – even take fingerprints.

“The whole first week, I think everything was really interesting for the kids,” said Dr. Gail Marshall, organizer of the IMPACT program. “We’re having lots of interest, but we can only take so many students.”

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