Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Art Exhibit at Bobick Gallery

Please join us for the “FOCUS” art exhibition in the Bobick Gallery (Humanities Building) featuring expressive and gestural mixed media paintings by Rich Gere . There will be a gallery talk and reception on July 21 at 4pm. The exhibition runs until July 28, 2011. All gallery events are free to students, faculty, staff, and the public.

Gere’s work is an exploration of order and chaos and he is inspired by nature's decay and rebirth, the uncertainty of plans and structures, and the constant human urge to build, organize and control. In his current series “Focus”, on view in the Bobick Gallery, Gere investigates human being’s connectivity to the planet and desire to explain the unknown. Gere describes his process for creating this series of watercolor and ink paintings as actions performed against a backdrop of stillness and contemplation. For Gere, this process of creating and mark-making serves as a vehicle to explore his own spiritual travels and is a step toward connecting the threads between temporal and ethereal worlds; a look into ourselves, while looking outward at the vast workings of time and space.

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