Monday, July 2, 2012

UWG Site for Emergency Drill

Local emergency and health personnel held a preparedness drill on the campus of University of West Georgia in Carrollton on June 29. The “point of dispensing” exercise trained participants to give medications to the local population on a large scale, such as in the event of an anthrax attack or a pandemic.
Judith Robinson, Strategic National Stockpile/Cities Readiness Initiative Coordinator, led the on-the-ground training.
“Treat them gently. Remember they’re nervous. They are looking at us as the specialists,” Robinson advised the health workers in their dealings with the general public. “If you get nervous, what happens? That becomes contagious. But you keep it calm.”
Participating agencies included the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, UWG University Police, Veterans Administration Police, Carroll County Emergency Management Agency, Carroll County Fire Department, the Carrollton Fire Department, Tanner Health System, West Georgia Ambulance, District 4 of the Georgia Division of Public Health and the Carroll County Health Department.