Friday, July 29, 2011

Onabule Selected for Sylvia Shortt Scholarship

Adebayo Onabule has recently been selected as the first recipient of the Sylvia Shortt Scholarship.

Onabule is grateful for this scholarship as he pursues his third UWG degree, a specialist degree in counseling.

“As the first international student to receive this scholarship, I feel very honored. I’m a college student, so the extra money is great. It’s good to have it,” Onabule said.

The $500 scholarship is for any full-time international student with financial need and scholastic achievement.

Having earned a total of three degrees already through his own financial means made the Nigerian student the perfect candidate for the scholarship.

Onabule also speaks highly of Shortt, commenting that she has earned the privilege to have a scholarship in her name due to her work with UWG’s international students.

For those students interested in the Sylvia Shortt scholarship that is awarded annually, please contact 678-839-4780.

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