Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learning Season: Tidwell Rocks with the Pygmies

Every summer offers more opportunities for students to pause classes and focus on other things in their life. Whether it be study abroad, internships or entrepreneurial endeavors, students this summer have a lot going on.

This summer Mass Communications senior Jeffrey Tidwell is taking advantage of his summer in a big way. As a freelance videographer, he has been touring with the rock band, Velcro Pygmies.

For Jeffrey, knowing people has paid off. Jeffrey connected with the band because of his close relationship with UTV13 Coordinator, James Paul. Paul happened to be neighbors with one of the members in the band and when he found out they were looking for video assistance, Paul knew just the man.

After working for them on a concert last year, Jeffrey was asked to help again this summer. He has been going on tour with the Velcro Pygmies and their full brass band. Jeffrey’s job is to set up the three cameras for the webcast they are using to stream the concert live on youstream.

“I had to basically build a control room out of one of their green rooms.”

Jeffrey also wants students to remember that there are multitudes of resources on campus. You can use the technology here without any cost to you that will help you later on.

“James Paul taught me almost everything I know. If I had not worked at the TV studio I would not have known how to slice and tape videos cables safely and I had to do that at the concerts.”

Not only is Jeffrey having a great time this summer, but he is also gaining valuable work experience and getting paid.

“After graduation, I plan to continue working for them whenever I’m needed."

“If I had to tell students one thing it would be to be willing to pick up and learn new technology, skills and adapt to changing work environments.”

To see some of Jeffrey’s work check out this video.

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