Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tourism Spending is Up in Carroll County

Statistics released by the Georgia Department of Economic Development indicate that Carroll County saw tourism spending grow more than 10 percent in 2010, amounting to nearly $115 million.

According to Jonathan Dorsey, executive director of the Carrollton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the numbers are a source of pride for the bureau, as well as for local businesses and governments, because it shows a successful return on everyone’s investment.

“Tourism in short is economic development, it’s a job creator and it provides tax relief,” he said. “It’s a segment of the economy that’s clearly on the rise. In Carroll County, we’re very fortunate that our dealer business is in recreation and in parks activity.

People are going to parks more often than anywhere else, so they’re not as volatile when you look at the ups and downs of the economy. We are very fortunate that a lot of what we find attracting people here doesn’t really drop off so precipitously. It gives us a good bit of stability, and I’ll take stable with growth over a loss any day.”

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