Friday, September 16, 2011

Department of Biology Seminar

Today, September 16, the Department of Biology will be hosting a seminar by University of Alabama-Birmingham faculty member Julia Gohlke. Her talk will be entitled "Current issues in risk assessment: The Deepwater Horizon blowout as a case study" and will take place at 4:00 p.m. in Biology 151.

Before joining the UAB faculty, Dr. Gohlke has held several diverse and interesting positions, most recently as a Science Policy Fellow at the U. S. State Department working in the Office of Global Change. Her research interests include gene regulatory networks for telencephalon development, genetic and developmental pathways to complex diseases, formulation of computational models of ethanol-induced neurodevelopmental toxicity, and the societal health benefits of switching from coal-based energy production to alternatives.

Those interested in talking further with Dr. Gohlke can join us for dinner (Dutch treat) following her talk. We invite you all! For more information, please contact Ken Spitze (678-839-4041) or Barbara Ballentine (678-839-4029).

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