Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top ten reasons to Live West

1. Live Smart

National studies show that students who live on campus tend to earn better
grades, are more satisfied with their college experience, and are more
likely to graduate than those who live off campus.

2. Live Close

When students live on campus they don't have to waste time sitting in
traffic, searching for parking, or filling up on gas. Facilities such as
Dining Services, the Campus Center, Coliseum, Athletic Complex, and Health
Services are all within walking distance from on-campus housing. Time is
money! Sleep more, drive less.

3. Live Safe

Safety and security are emphasized on-campus. The UWG Police Department and
Housing staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Live Cheaper

At first glance it might seem less expensive to live off campus in
Carrollton. But, when you consider all the costs (deposits, rent, food, gas,
electricity, water, phone, cable, Internet, furniture, etc), living off
campus can be very expensive. This does not take into account the time
involved in driving, pumping gas, purchasing food, etc. Is it really worth
all the hassle and disconnection just to save a few dollars?

5. Live Connected

There is a real disconnection for students who live off campus. Campus
housing costs include cable TV and high-speed data connectivity. In
addition, Ingram Library also contains everything you need to get your work
done, including copiers, printers, computers, study labs, etc.

6. Live Supported

Dedicated, professional staff living in the residence halls are specially
trained to help you realize your academic success and personal goals.

7. Live with Community

Living on campus gives students more opportunity to join clubs, go to
activities, meet new people and make friends. It's an experience unlike any

8. Live and Dine West

UWG offers a wide array of dining choices which include Real Food on campus
at the Z-6 all you care to eat buffets, your daily cup of Starbucks, to a
late night Subway sandwich snack. Best of all you don't have to clean up a
messy kitchen or do the dishes!

9. Live How You Choose

UWG has many housing options to choose from to accommodate our student's
varying needs. Live with your friends! Choose your roommate.

10. Live WEST!

Don't just go to school. Experience the whole package of college life by
living on campus. Enjoy your college experience. Make memories, friendships,
and lasting relationships. Why the rush? You have the rest of your life to
live off campus.

Visit http://www.westga.edu/reslife/
today and sign up to LIVE WEST Fall 2012.

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