Thursday, April 5, 2012

Carroll County Animal Shelter ASPCA/Rachel Ray $100K Shelter Challenge

The UWG community has always been tremendously supportive of the Carroll County Animal Shelter, and the humane society is asking you to 
help the shelter once again. This time it's easy-- they need you to vote for the shelter online at, once a day every 
day starting today (Thursday, April 5) until April 16.

Here's what this is about:  The shelter is competing in the ASPCA/Rachel Ray $100K Shelter Challenge.  They've made it to the qualifying round, along with 107 other shelters from around the 
country. The online voting will narrow the field to 50 finalists, who compete this fall (aug, sept, and oct) for a share of cash prizes totally over $300,000. Top prize is 100K. Shelters win by adopting out more animals than they did in those months in the previous year. If they adopt 300 more animals than last year during that period, they automatically win $5000.

But to get to the finals, they have to be among the top 50 vote receivers in this qualifying round. So PLEASE go online and vote every day and PLEASE spread the word to your students, classmates, friends and family.  Anything you can do to help them get out the vote will be very much appreciated.

IMPORTANT minor detail-- The ASPCA folks tell me that people can only vote once daily no matter how many computers they have or how many email addresses.  They stressed that the first time you vote, you will be sent an email. You MUST respond to that email in order to validate your vote; after you do that, the rest of your votes will automatically be counted without any email involved.  Many people last year tried to vote but never validated their identity and thus their votes never got counted. If we can be sure our supporters vote properly, it will improve our chances.

Thanks, as always, for your support of the animal shelter and the 
humane society volunteers who work there.

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