Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dr. David Bush to speak at League of Women Voters event

The League of Women Voters Carrollton & Carroll County Saturday, March 10th speaker is UWG geologist, Dr. David Bush, on “Global Warming and Climate Change: Fact versus Fiction” at Sunnyside Café. Members & public are encouraged to attend. Lunch is at 12 noon; speaker afterward. There will be seats for those who do not wish to have lunch. There will be time for questions.

When Dr. Bush spoke at the UWG Melson Society meeting a month ago, there were more questions than time so the League decided to invite him to speak with more time allowed for questions. You may read about his talk to the Melson Society below:

Dr. Bush is speaking TONIGHT on "State of the Oceans" at the LWV CCC / Rotary Great Decisions at 7 pm at the Stallings Community Center, 118 South White St, Carrollton.

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