Friday, March 9, 2012

First Annual Social Media Day Features Industry Heavy-Hitters

Keith Meade, COO of What’s Up Interactive, described the importance of social media during the first annual Social Media Day. His discussion featured examples of how major companies have been using social media for promotion and crisis management.

Meade also offered advice on how to manage one’s image as well as how to make oneself more marketable through services like LinkedIn.

A similar seminar held coincidentally on the same date was a Q and A session with UWG alumnus and founder of WhatCounts, Alan Nance (pictured).

WhatCounts is a communications service that works with clients like in digital messaging and advertisement. This service uses channels such as email, social media, text messaging, and various other means that target mobile devices.

Nance attested, with regards web-based industry, a company should be flexible to adapt to the volatile social media market.

Both Nance and Meade described the current job market as a place very much open to information technology applicants.

Meade even mentioned the statistic that there is only one qualified applicant for every 10 tech-based openings in the Metro Atlanta area alone.

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