Monday, August 1, 2011

Networking provides businesses with mutual support

by Bruce Browning/Times-Georgian

Linda Anderson saw her business improve when she moved it from her home to Adamson Square more than two years ago. It has grown even more over the past year after she started a networking organization to help others like her.

Anderson, realizing the financial situations in which some businesses have found themselves, had the idea that they could benefit from supporting one another. Last September, she organized the West Georgia Business Network, a nonprofit group whose purpose is to assist, encourage and promote businesses — large or small, new or established, white collar or blue collar.

“Basically, given the economic climate, a lot of small business owners are trying to find better opportunities to increase their revenue, business and market,” said Yul Anderson, a small-business consultant who is a member of the network’s board of directors. “We try to encourage business members to promote business among membership to increase revenue, to use our knowledge and skills and abilities to help grow everyone’s business.”

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  1. Mutual understanding and helping each others will benefit all.

  2. Really nice one..Everything have a value with time networking is really just getting to know people, building relationships,and being yourself. And I know you can do that!

  3. Yes, i agree to this fact as there is a lot of mutual support and that leads to successful implementation of goals.

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