Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Endowment in Women's Studies at UWG Established

A $25,000 endowment for the Women’s Studies program at the University of West Georgia has been established.
The Women’s Studies program at UWG is a minor and courses are interdisciplinary. Recipients of the Menkes Family Women’s Scholarship will receive their awards after they complete the Introduction to Women’s Studies course and declare the program as their minor. They must also write an essay about the importance of women’s studies.
At least one award, totaling up to $1,400, will be given each academic year. Recipients will receive $100 for each women’s studies course completed, up to a maximum of four. After graduation, recipients will receive $1,000.
Michael Menkes, a graduate student in criminology, funded the scholarship. He gave an additional $5,000 to fund scholarships during the first two academic years. Last spring, Menkes created a women’s studies scholarship and eight students received awards. The present endowment replaces that scholarship.
The money will help ease the financial burden on students at a time of rising education costs and diminishing financial aid resources, said Tiffany Parsons, director of the program. Many students at UWG work full or part time and receive financial aid, she said. The money may mean not having to work an extra shift to pay for their classes.
“It helps them study, gives them time to study. And it helps them get started with $1,000, that’s a lot of money to a new grad,” Parsons said.
“To know that at least one student a year for eternity will be able to receive this award is great for women’s studies. It’s great for the university, and it’s great for the College of Social Sciences.”
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