Monday, August 29, 2011

Georgia's Senators Speak to Crowd at UWG

Georgia's U.S. senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, conducted a town hall meeting on UWG's campus on Monday morning, speaking about issues of the day and fielding questions from the audience.

The two Republicans made UWG's Townsend Center the latest stop on their tour across Georgia in which they've given constituents their take on Washington politics.

Among the issues the pair discussed were the debt ceiling, government spending, taxes and immigration.

Chambliss said that with the magnitude of problems facing the nation, all Americans will have to be part of the solutions.

The fiscal challenges must be met with a multi-pronged approach, he said. "You can't just do it by reducing spending and just by reforming entitlements. We've got to ... raise revenues. And we can do it without raising taxes. Those are the issues that are on the table in Washington today and those are the issues we're going to be debating over the next 100 days."

Isakson said spending cuts needed to be handled judiciously.

"You have to put everything on the table and negotiate it and try to cut your spending proportionally."

Both senators, responding to a question, said that for students who use financial aid to help pay for their educations, the most optimistic projection would be that aid programs would be maintained, but there would be virtually no chance of any such programs seeing increases.

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