Friday, August 5, 2011

Coaches' Luncheon set to return this fall

Carrollton, GA - Following a successful test run last spring, UWG Athletics is set to bring back an old tradition with a regular Coaches' Luncheon beginning this September.

UWG Athletics hosted a luncheon in the mid-90's, but the event hasn't returned on a regular basis. On Thursday, Senior Associate Athletic Director Eddie Duffey announced the first three dates for the fall schedule of the new Coaches' Luncheon, hosted by American Pie Pizzeria on Maple Street.

"We had a blast at American Pie in January and want to continue that excitement," Duffey said. "This is just one of many ways that UWG Athletics is efforting in the coming year to be more involved with the local community."

The first of the Coaches' Luncheons sponsored by American Pie will be on Wednesday, September 7, just four days before the UWG soccer team begins their home schedule against UNC-Pembroke. The second date will be Wednesday, September 28 headed into Homecoming weekend at UWG.

The third fall date will be on Wednesday, October 12, just ahead of volleyball hosting the GSC/SSC Crossover event and football against Saint Augustine's. All three will begin at approximately 11:30 a.m.

The cost of the lunch buffet at American Pie Pizzeria is $5.99 and includes a drink. All fans are welcome to join West Georgia's coaches and will be treated to a brief chat with head football coach Daryl Dickey, head soccer coach Marisa Kovacs, head volleyball coach Gary Lee as well as newcomers like golf coach Barry Harwell and softball coach Mandy Harris. American Pie Pizzeria is located in the Maple Street Village less than a mile from the UWG campus

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