Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Give Your Old Board Games to the Library

Ingram Library would like to join the fun for the American Library Association’s fourth annual National Gaming Day @ your library on Saturday, November 12, 2011, but we need your help… Or, rather, we need your old board games – you know, the ones collecting dust in the back of your closet since you found your new favorite game.

So, if you need an excuse to clean out that old closet full of games, here it is!

In the interest of getting the games before November 12 we are not going to be prepared with any sort of tax receipt. So don't think of this as a donation – think of this as an opportunity to leave a game at the library for others to use.

Games left at the Ingram Library reference desk between now and November 11 will be considered abandoned and will be gladly put to use by students on National Gaming Day and at other times when they need a break from studying.

Those old, abandoned board games will get lots of love in the library!

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