Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekends at West Georgia

The University of West Georgia has been hard at work to dispel the notion that it’s a “suitcase school” by introducing all kinds of new events that encourage students to stay on the weekends. This effort is paying off, as a cultural shift promoting student involvement and unity has made waves at UWG.

Every week, UWG students have the opportunity to engage in social gatherings with their fellow students as well as the chance to participate in activities that offer free food, prize giveaways and other incentives.

For example, every Friday, the Wolf Radio hosts “Flashback Fridays,” inviting students to listen to ‘80s and ‘90s music, participate in dance contests, or answer trivia questions for prizes.

The Student Activities Council provides a variety of large events such as movie nights, laser tag, stand-up comedy and concerts that usually feature a celebrity guest.

Over the past year, Weekends at West Georgia has even sponsored a concert by rapper Ludacris and a stand-up comedy performance by Gabriel Iglesias.

The Center for Student Involvement recently launched a “Stay West Weekends” project that sponsors student groups that can host their own activities. These events include glow in the dark mini golf, a snow day and a music festival, with more exciting things to come. Each “Stay West” event is free and often includes free T-shirts and food.

The idea behind these projects is not as simple as providing a weekend diversion. These organizations are promoting a vibrant collegiate atmosphere that encourages students to relax and have fun while simultaneously rewarding them for their hard work in their studies.

These programs are a bold step in changing the culture of this fast-growing institution. Now, before students pack up to visit Mom and Dad, they can first check out what’s happening on campus.

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