Friday, February 10, 2012

9 Ways Students Can Use Social Media to Boost Their Careers

Social media has become a powerful tool to connect us with friends, family, celebrities and anyone else you could possibly think of. It can also be used for professional purposes and students can launch their careers utilizing social media.

Kate Brodock is executive director of digital and social media at Syracuse University, where she leads efforts in the space. Connect with her on Twitter at @just_kate and@othersidegroup.

If you’re a Generation X-er or older, you likely use social media to cut it in the real world. You may also use social networks for personal reasons, but it’s always with the understanding that you’re a professional.

But newer generations of college graduates began their social media experience as a very personal one. And the shift to using social media for career development may seem optional. But it’s a necessary evil at the very least, and can actually be quite beneficial to your future at the very best.

Here are a few things students should consider when starting to use social media professionally.

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