Friday, February 24, 2012

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Undergraduate Class Section and Size at UWG: The number of unduplicated, undergraduate class sections offered (including online but excluding independent study courses) at UWG has grown by 21 percent from 1,317 in fall 2007 to 1,599 in fall 2011. The pace of growth in the number of class sections is responsive to the increasing student enrollment. The number of class sections with 30 or more enrolled students increased from 407 in fall 2007 (i.e. 31 percent of all class sections) to 466 in fall 2011 (i.e. 29 percent of all class sections). In relative terms, this indicates that the enrolled students’ growth has not resulted in a proportional increase in larger class sections. On the other hand, the average class size varies by the course level, with more students enrolled in lower-level courses than in higher-level courses. The 5-year average class sizes for the lower-level and upper-level courses are 34 and 22, respectively.

Learn more about student enrollment at UWG by visiting the Department of Institutional Research and Planning website. For more information, please call 678-839-6449.

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