Friday, January 27, 2012

TV has helped create greater interest in forensic science

by Kelly Quimby/Times-Georgian

With the growing popularity of television crime shows like “CSI” and “Bones,” interest in occupations dealing with criminal investigations has also increased, creating a surge in the number of college applicants hoping to join the pathological and anthropological professions.

In a lecture at the University of West Georgia Thursday night, Dr. Michael Warren, director of the C.A. Pounds Forensic Anthropology Lab at the University of Florida, and one of a very small number of active forensic anthropologists in North America, set out to outline the true nature of a career in forensic anthropology, which he said is sometimes, but not normally, as nicely packaged as it is seen on television.

“It’s a growth industry,” Warren said. “It involves understanding human uniqueness. We always like to think that we work for the families of the victims. We also like to think that we prosecute the guilty and exonerate the innocent through science.”

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