Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Scholarship Symbolizes More Opportunities for the University of West Georgia’s Business Students

CARROLLTON, GA — Dr. James H. Burton and his wife, Pat Thoman-Burton, are establishing the Helen Harper Burton Memorial Scholarship, which will benefit UWG students pursing a business degree.

Burton has served as a mentor and a professor to UWG students. His wife graduated from UWG with a degree in Psychology. They wanted to create something that would honor his late mother, Helen Harper Burton.

“She had a dynamic personality, and was always great with managing her money,” said Burton. “She worked at a bank for many years, but never got the chance to go to college herself. This scholarship will give a student the opportunity to further their education while honoring her life.”

Burton also explained how important giving back to the community is to him and his wife. “I am very blessed, and I’ve learned from previous life lessons that I have to do my part and give back,” said Burton. “I no longer have the mentality that my income is ‘all mine’.”

One of the qualifications for this scholarship is a GPA requirement set at 2.75 or higher. Burton set this requirement for a reason, saying “We have some great students who might have messed up and lost their HOPE scholarships. This way they can have a second chance at receiving financial help to finish their education.”

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