Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Support the Boys and Girls Club

Marion Fowler earned second runner up at the 2008 Youth of the Year dinner. She’s belonged to the Jesse Draper Boys & Girls Club for two years and is a senior at Marietta High School.

A good student and Club member, Marion spends her time volunteering for service activities and organizations dedicated to giving back. She lost her mother at a young age and had to become the woman of the house very quickly. Though she misses her mother, she takes great pride in helping her father around the house and making sure he stays healthy by eating right.

Marion says her Club and the staff provide her the extra family support she needs and continue to help her through life’s challenges. The Club helped her recognize her potential and taught her to always do the right things. “Every time I come in the Club, Mr. Earl asks me if I am doing what I need to ‘get there.’ He also tells me no matter what, he is proud of me. That feels good, and it inspires me.”

Her goal is to become a pharmacist. Education, family, community and her Boys & Girls Club are what Marion values most. “Inspiration, motivation, stimulation and fortification are all words of encouragement. When I walk into this Club, the love I get here is very overwhelming. What the Club means to me – is success.”

Youth of the Year is a year-round program focused on the development of Boys & Girls Club members as community leaders. Learn more about Youth of the Year.

Success Breeds Success!

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