Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maintenance Project at UWG Could Get a Little Stinky

On Saturday, Dec. 18, the Z-6 Food Service building's grease trap will be excavated and opened for grease removal. This activity is quite likely to generate very strong offensive odors that may be discernible in areas surrounding the building. Weather conditions such as wind and temperature may affect how the odors are spread, but be advised that the odors will last only temporarily. The contractor will take all steps to mitigate the smell, including using neutralizers, disinfectants and deodorizers. The sludge removed from the tank will be taken off site the same day.
The following day, Sunday, Dec. 19,
the existing tank will be demolished and hauled away. There may be some residual odor associated with this activity, but the worst of the odor will be diminished by then.
On Wednesday, Dec. 22, Plant Op Drive will be closed for at least part of the day, and possibly all day. The university will be closed for the holidays, so few if any people should be affected. Access to facilities along and beyond Plant Op Drive will be available only via the Arbor View concrete service roads. The work areas will be primarily near the front (north) entrance of the Z-6 building, and Plant Op Drive in front of the building. The contractor will erect barricades near any excavations, but pedestrians and motorists should avoid the work areas from Dec. 18 - Jan. 2.

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