Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The University of West Georgia’s Department of Art will be reviving its Carrollton Collects exhibition series in March 2011. Carrollton Collects chooses works of art owned by local citizens to exhibit. The exhibition includes the design of a catalog with attributions and a gala reception.

The upcoming exhibition will feature prints commissioned as part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Art Project, a tangent of the Works Progress Administration of the 1930s. The WPA employed millions of citizens to carry out public service projects, including work for artists during the Depression. The art project, which was highly successful and historically significant, was intended to raise the spirits of citizens through a variety of art projects including art education, fine and graphic arts.

Authentic WPA prints are generally signed and dated in pencil below the image, including an edition number. The final verification will be a Federal Art Project embossed seal.

If you have WPA artwork in your collection or know of local collectors who may be interested in participating in this exhibition, email Stephanie Smith at slsmith@westga.edu, or call 678-839-4950.

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