Tuesday, July 13, 2010

UWG Athletics begins formation of Letterman’s Club

Carrollton, GA – The lifeblood of any athletic department is its players and coaches. With that fact in mind, West Georgia Athletics has announced the intention to begin the West Georgia Letterman’s Club, an initiative that will tie the success of the past to the future success of UWG Athletics.

“Everyone who has been a part of the history and tradition of West Georgia athletics is wanted and needed to be a part of the future,” said Athletic Director Daryl Dickey. “It is vastly important to make sure that each player who has put on the Red and Blue of West Georgia knows that he or she is important to this department beyond that final whistle.”

As a part of the formation of the West Georgia Letterman’s Club, updated contact information on all former players and coaches is needed. To assist in collection of this information, a short and convenient form is located at www.uwgsports.com on the left-hand side of the homepage.

“We are excited about the formation of the West Georgia Letterman’s Club,” Dickey said. “It is very important to ensure that the history and traditions that have been forged in Carrollton over the past 60 years will continue for many years to come.”

For more information on the West Georgia Letterman’s Club, feel free to contact the athletic department at (678) 839-6533.

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